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Want to travel the world from the Amazon rainforest to the African steppes, through the Mexican desert and all without leaving your sofa?!

Each of these adventures can be experienced every day by watching the plants that embellish our homes or offices.

Protected behind the walls of houses, we protect ourselves against climatic disasters and natures cruelty. However, soon we find that the static ambience looks artificial and is devoid of personality. We hope to brighten the interior of the home or office, revive it, give it a soul. We find our inexhaustible inspiration in nature. Sometimes it is sufficient to take one flower pot to give your space a new fresh and exotic look.

That is why our company pays special attention to interior pot plants. After we review your space we suggest the most suitable pots, and also suggest adequate decorative containers that best depict the beauty of plants and fit in your space. We also advise you on how to care about the delivered plants so that they always look fresh and beautiful as they did the first day. We also offer to maintain the plants ourselves, if you wish .

We have decorated many homes and offices in Zagreb and our best reference are the satisfied customers!