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British-embassy-logoColaboration with Mrs Lana Bekic and her company began a  two years ago  and lasts to our mutual satisfaction to this day.  We were looking for an efficient, quick service and the people with whom we could  discuss everything and resolve all possible difficulties quickly . After all,  the garden at the residence of the  ambassador is the place  where  various events are held and therefore it is very important for it to be presentable at all times as we can proudly say that we have achieved. We are extremely pleased with the work and the cooperation, as well as with professional  attitude of employees of  Belana gardens. Mrs. Lana is full of innovative ideas so that our garden appeared in a completely new look and slowly turns from a cold area to a warm koloritan English garden. I would certainly recomend Mrs Lana Bekic and her company  to anyone who wants to bring their garden to a higher level.

Kind regards,

Dubravka Kajganić
General Manager of the ressidence of British ambassador in Zagreb

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