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Our business is carried out in several stages from which you can choose any one of them separately:

The stages are:
1. Contact and agreement
2. Garden design / infield design
3. Gardening / landscaping
4. Garden irrigation / infield irrigation
5. Gardens maintenance / infield maintenance

Contact and agreement

After your call our expert will arrange a meeting to jointly discuss your needs and realistic possibilities. After that, we scale the field, analyze the quality of the soil, and at the end we take high quality photographs. We continue to prepare everything for the design stage, landscaping stage and optionaly maintenance.

Garden design – infield, yard design

Based on these preliminary procedures, we draw up the design documentation which contains the main and final design project with a detailed cost estimate and a list of plant material. We then arrange a presentation of the project with a perspective view of your garden (at your request), all to give you better insight of what you get for your money. At the end we comment on the project together and according to the agreement we alter or extend it. Designing a garden is an extremely responsible job which we approach to very seriously respecting your project needs and adding to them our their knowledge and creativity.

Gardening – landscaping

The gardening stage takes place after the project and bid are approved. We begin with the landscaping work for the garden following a professional and organized schedule.We begin the design of the garden with preparatory earthworks (land clearing, excavation, landfills of quality and fertile land). After that the surface is prepared for planting the plant material and grassland.

After that we ship plant material and begin planting. Gardening includes all actions that include any type of work in the garden, preformed by educated workers, up until the final product and all under constant professional supervision. After a thorough review of the construction the garden is ready for future users.

The gardening stage is then completed. In the gardening / landscaping stage can also include the installation of automatic irrigation, which also offer our to clients.

Garden irrigation – infield irrigation

If you decide to irrigate the garden then, apart from the already-mentioned works conducted in the garden, we also set down the pipes for the irrigation and program the system to the optimal needs of plants. Nowadays life trends are too busy for one to be able to find the time for watering gardens. Because of this our clients often opt for the installation of automatic irrigation that is extremely helpful in helping the garden shines and glow.

Maintenance of gardens

After the landscaping stage, garden maintenance can be arranged according to your wishes. Maintenance can be arranged seasonally or monthly. Garden maintenance jobs include all actions and measures necessary for a healthy and representative look of your garden (mowing lawns, pruning plants, fertilization, protection, weeding, etc.).

All these actions are performed by a professional staff that provides quality services and works with professional tools. Garden maintenance is an extremely important measure and should be approached to very seriously and if this stage is not conducted professionally and timely the damage to your garden can be great.