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Through the stages horticulture interior design of your garden, which include two phases: garden design and garden planning, we preform garden elements such as:
1. Garden path
2. Garden stairs
3. Drywalls
4. Rockery in gardens
5. Roof garden
6. Garden structures, pergolas, gazebos, etc.
7. Water garden
8. Vertical garden


We design and build garden paths, patios , decking, driveways
We use natural materials such as wood, stone, railway sleepers, brick or concrete slabs according to the wishes of our clients


Wooden fences and panels, trellies and pergolas



In drywalls stones are not connected with cement, it is stacked, allowing free passage for excess water through the cavities between the stones.


Garden stairs

Garden stairs are not a required element in gardening, but if there is the slightest possibility of their installation we always recommend our clients to do it …


Roof gardens
Roof gardens come in various forms and functions – extensive and intensive


Water features


Vertical gardens or live – green walls

Since 2007 encouraged by the story of the first vertical garden designed by Patrick Blanc, we visited Paris and the famous ˝ Musee du quai Branly ˝ the first building built like a vertical garden.

Captivated by the quality of performance and attractiveness of what we have seen we wanted to offer our customers the same, to revive your walls or other vertical facades. We are proud to say that over the past year we offer a design and execution of vertical gardens and we look forward to providing customers this extraordinary and original experience.

Theme gardens

In the design stage: historic garden, modern garden, urban gardening, minimalist garden, mountain garden, Mediterranean garden, rocky garden, water garden…



Rockery in a garden is definitely an element that will always attract attention…